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Commercial Green Deal Assessment/Advice Reports (GDAR)

We are proud to be one of the first assessors in the country to qualify as a Commercial Green Deal Assessor (20th September 2012) by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

Our Service

We do not receive any commissions from any third parties for any of the energy efficient recommendations we make. All recommendations we provide are completely impartial and the completed Green Deal Assessment Report (GDAR) can be taken to any Green Deal Provider (GDP), directly to Green Deal Installers (GDI) or your own trusted installers to obtain a quotation (assuming you do not wish to participate with any Green Deal loan/plan). Please use caution if any company large or small offers you a free Green Deal Assessment Report (GDAR). If you have been approached by such companies try to establish the following:

  • Is it possible to take the completed GDAR to any Green Deal Provider for a quote?
  • Is the survey free even if the recommendations are not undertaken?

If any of the above are 'no’ and you are unsure of the potential consequences could be, please contact us.

Commercial Green Deal Advice Report

Energy Saving Performance Contracts (ESPCs) or Guarantees (ESGs)

There are numerous companies who claim they can save you money by replacing lighting or PhotoVoltaic for example.

Scenario A - Changing from tungsten to LEDs.

Companies will normally prove or guarantee all the calculations/clearly showing you the benefits and savings. This may well be the case but approved Green Deal software will not only perform a similar calculations but will also calculate the increased costs of heating (which they may forget to mention), since most of the output from tungsten bulbs is ‘heat’ hence your heating system will have to work harder to keep your property at the same temperature. Potentially this could also cause other issues with regards to having to increase your boiler size.

Scenario B – Free PV panels.

Other companies will take the risks on your behalf and provide free PhotoVoltaic (or other energy improvement measures) and will share some of the benefits with you e.g. providing you with cheaper electricity (in effect renting your roof). If they can provide you with guarantees and make a profit, there is no reason why you can’t have all the benefits yourself. Get a full impartial assessment and see how you can benefit.

From the Beginning

On 28 January 2013, the government's “Green Deal” initiative was introduced to enable property owners or occupiers to make energy efficiency improvements without having to pay up-front costs.  Any loan taken out as part of the scheme will be attached to the actual property’s electricity meter (known as a Green Deal Charge) rather than to an individual person and so remaining with the property on change of ownership or tenancy.

The Basics

As impartial Green Deal Assessors we will visit your property and prepare a written GDAR recommending suitable energy-efficiency measures (this list is extensive). At this point you can either use your own capital to instruct any installer to carry out the work (it should be noted this option does not have the extra protection/warranty/guarantees offered under the Green Deal), go directly to approved Green Deal Installers (GDI) for quotes again using your own finance or call a Green Deal Provider (GDP) who will prepare a Green Deal plan (a loan) and deal with all the administration and quotes on your behalf. The GDP will arrange installation/s of the chosen measures by an approved GDI. The cost of the improvements, which will be paid in instalments over an agreed period of time (the “charge”), will have been calculated in accordance with the "golden rule":

The improvements (energy efficient measures) shall pay for themselves and the financing costs through the resulting savings made on electricity and gas bills.  Furthermore the length of the repayment period should not exceed the expected lifetime of improvements. 

Once the energy efficient measures are installed/completed, a new EPC must be produced which will contain all the details of the Green Deal Plan. However, apart from a compliance point of view EPCs are generally deemed unimportant by most new tenants and new landlords, but we suspect more attention to detail in the future.

Measures which are eligible include:

Heat Pumps (air, ground & water source) Micro combined heat and power (CHP)
PhotoVoltaics Solar water heating
Micro wind generation Chillers
Biomass boilers Biomass room heaters (including with radiators)
Hot water showers, systems & taps (efficient) Cavity wall insulation
External & Internal wall insulation Duct insulation
Fan-assisted replacement storage heaters Flue gas heat recovery devices
Heating controls (for wet heating & warm air system) Heating ventilation and Air-Con Controls (inc. zoning)
High performance external doors Hot water controls (including timers and temp. control)
Hot water cylinder insulation & Thermostats Lighting systems, fittings and controls
Loft or rafter insulation (including loft hatch insulation) Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
Pipe-work insulation (external pipework only) Gas & Oil-fired condensing boilers
Replacement glazing (inc. Secondary glazing) Sealing improvements (including duct sealing)
Roof insulation (inc. Room in roof) Solar blinds, shutters and shading devices
Transpired solar collectors Under-floor heating (inc. Under-floor insulation)
Variable speed drives for fans  Variable speed drives for pumps
Draught proofing Warm-air units
Radiant heating Waste water heat recovery devices attached to showers

What is the Green Deal “charge”?

  • A new type of loan repayment collected through electricity billing as a new item/charge.
  • Daily charges are added to the electricity bill, which is collected by the electricity company and passed onto the GDP to repay the Green Deal Plan instalments.
  • Plan instalments can only be paid by the “bill payer (for the time being)” as the person benefiting from the energy savings while they occupy the property.
  • The current bill payer is the customer of the GDP.
  • Subsequent electricity bill payers will be bound by the terms of the Plan, and will be entitled to receive the benefits of the Plan.

What happens to the charge when….

Payment arrears on the bill?

New electricity bill payers will not be liable for any arrears in payment left by the previous bill payer - Green Deal instalments are part of the electricity bill and treated in exactly the same way as any other energy debt.

Property is vacant?

The landlord will be responsible for meeting repayments during any void periods, but will not be responsible for settling unpaid instalments of a particular tenant, as they will be treated as debts of that tenant only.

Property repossessed?

The bank in possession of the mortgage will be responsible for the electricity bill and therefore the Green Deal Plan payments.

Electricity disconnected?

Green Deal daily charge will continue to be added to the bill and will still be payable.

You want to settle?

On top of the outstanding amount there will most likely be an early surrender penalty.

Property is to be demolished?

Full payment of the balance and any surrender penalties will need to be paid in full. 

Change of use?

GDP will request early repayment including any early penalties when a property is converted from non-domestic to domestic.

During renovations in the future?

GDP will request early repayment including any early penalties if renovation leads to the energy efficiency measures installed with Green Deal plan no longer delivering energy bill savings.

If you would like a Commercial Green Deal Assessment please give us a call.

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